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Escea specialises in modern, state-of-the-art fireplaces, which are renowned in Australasia, Europe and North America for their minimalist styling, efficiency and ease of use. Designed and made in New Zealand, Escea offers a variety of indoor and outdoor fireplace models. Escea fireplaces combine innovative technology, quality engineering and beautiful design to create the most sophisticated fireplaces on the market. Visit to find out more.

Escea DL High Efficiency Fireplace (Gas)

The DL gas fireplace is a perfect balance of high performance, 5 star efficiency and new generation control technology, coupled with the stunning beauty that is Escea. It is available in two sizes, The DL1100 and the DL850.

Redesigned from the base up, these fireplaces outper form the IB Series in all areas. They are more efficient, have a higher heat output, and are quieter. Escea’s new generation Smart Heat controller coupled with Escea’s new Powered Vent Technology leaves you in control.

With 10.4 kW of heat output and 5 star efficiency, the DL generates enough heat to quickly heat up the largest of rooms, making them perfect for the average sized home. The DL uses Escea’s latest Powered Direct Vent flue technology which allows both horizontal and vertical flue runs. The DL flue can even run under the floor to create an island in the middle of your room.

Barry Stewart Gas & Plumbing Ltd

Escea DX High Efficiency Multiroom Fireplaces (Gas)

Barry Stewart Gas & Plumbing Ltd

The DX Fire represents the most sophisticated, ultra-wide fireplace on the market between its hi-tech features, design flexibility and simplistic beauty. It is available in two sizes the DX1500 and the DX1000.

The dramatic width of the flame pattern becomes an even more spectacular statement with Escea’s double sided see-through fireplace option. The DX captures up to 90% of the available heat and returns it back into every corner of the room via Escea’s Multiroom Technology. Some of this heat can even be ducted into the hallway or into other rooms in the home, making the DX a whisper-quiet and environmentally conscious home heating choice.

Our unique Multiroom Technology pushes the warmth of the fireplace to the farthest reaches of a room, boosting the efficiency and heat output of the DX Series fireplaces.

The ducts transport the heated air from the fire through the ceiling or floor ducts to the outlets located either within the same room or throughout the house. The Heat Ducting system is so flexible that the fireplace can be placed almost anywhere, offering unlimited installation options.


The EW5000 adds a dramatic focal point to any outdoor entertaining area, while its large cooking surface allows you to enjoy BBQ cooking the way it was meant to be done.

For long life, Escea constructed the firebox of high quality 4mm thick steel. This outdoor barbecue fire needs to be enclosed in non-combustible masonry, stone, concrete or brickwork. Escea can provide a ready-to-build steel frame enclosure (KSE) which can be finished with a suitable fireproof material of your choice.

The EW5000 outdoor wood fire can be installed with or without the Stainless Steel Ferro fascia. The fascia-less look gives a more traditional option and can be installed flush or recessed into your non-combustible fire surround.

Barry Stewart Gas & Plumbing Ltd


Barry Stewart Gas & Plumbing Ltd

The Escea DFS730 is our freestanding gas fireplace for those with not enough wall space for an inbuilt fireplace or for replacing your freestanding wood burner.

The DFS730 offers a textured black body with a large flame display. The curved sides and simple understated lines suit both new and traditional homes.

No mess, no fuss. The DFS730 doesn’t create mess, ash or hot debris so you don’t need a hearth.


Single or Double Sided

The DS model fireplace comes in four sizes, DS1150, DS1400, DS1650 and the new DS1900.

This attractive frameless fire can be a one sided conventional fire set into a timber cavity in the wall or can just as easily be a feature fire set in the middle of a room separating the lounge area and a dining area due to its low height, and the Flexible Flue and Powered Vent Technology

Barry Stewart Gas & Plumbing Ltd


Single Sided Modern Look

Barry Stewart Gas & Plumbing Ltd

The DF model fireplace is available to two sizes, the DF700 and DF960.

With the Direct Vent Power Flue Technology this fire can be installed into a timber framed cavity for a more modern look in a new build home.

This more compact fire is designed to retrofit into existing fire cavities in an older house, and they look equally good with the fire surrounds or the old style mantlepiece.


Outdoor Gas Fireplace

The EF5000 is a great fire when situated outside the home on a patio or deck when entertaining guests or just relaxing with a good book.

It has a zero-clearance rating and can be installed into either a masonry or a timber framed cavity and comes with an electronic ignition feature.

This fire does not require a flue because it is an open fronted fire and you have the choice of either a stainless-steel fascia or a volcanic black fascia to suit your décor.

Barry Stewart Gas & Plumbing Ltd


Outdoor Wood Fireplace Kitchen

Barry Stewart Gas & Plumbing Ltd

The EK series comes in three sizes, EK950, EK1250, and the EK1550.

It is the perfect fireplace for an outdoor living area, and doubles as a roaring fire to get any party started or as an outdoor BBQ/Grill to cook a tasty assortment of meats on the supplied, height adjustable cooking plates, grills and hooks. When done with cooking they are hidden under a stainless-steel drawer underneath the fire.

The new technology also allows the fireplace to be attached to the home if required to allow for that much needed indoor/outdoor flow to a patio or deck.

The EK950 fire has three adjustable height cooking bays, the EK1250 fire comes with 4 cooking bays and the EK1550 boasts 5 cooking bays as in the image below.

Barry Stewart Gas & Plumbing Ltd


Outdoor Wood Fire Table

Barry Stewart Gas & Plumbing Ltd

This new camp-fire style outdoor fire features a 360’ fire table which allows several people to sit around and cook food the way they like it, with a choice of three cooking modes, an inner stainless steel ring, a removable kebab holder or a cooking grill. Escea’s Vortex Firecore Technology gives warmth and flames without the smoke and the outer ring is cool for food, drinks or elbows to rest on it in safety.


All Escea fires can be seen on the website where you can use the interactive feature to design your own fireplace, choosing the fire, fascia and fuel bed to suit your needs and style of decor in your home’.

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